June 30, 2010

Hey guys. For those friends out there who have been living under a rock for the past two weeks (although it’s a very nice rock, we love what you’ve done with the place), here’s a quick update.

Last week we returned to The Basement for two nights of late night comedy goodness, with our double billed bonanza in which we performed our smash hit blockbuster chart topping festival shows, ‘Life Lessons I’ve Learnt from the ’60s’ and ‘Life Without Michael: One Year On’. The crowds were totally awesome and seemed to enjoy our comedic antics, and get this – none of them were even directly related to us! (Although Rose’s second cousin did come, but that doesn’t really count because it wasn’t a first cousin.)

So, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the girls embarked on a gruelling 10 hour car journey to Wellington to make their triumphant return to the capital city. The hours flew by as we sang along to the entire ‘Bee Gees Greatest Hits’ cd, much to the delight of our fellow passengers.

So, our first show is tonight at The Fringe Bar on Cuba St, 8pm. BE THERE OR BE A MASSIVE SQUARE. More tour timez to come.



Babes on the Beat #2

May 3, 2010

‘Life Without Michael’ Gallery

May 2, 2010

Images for Sat 1st May’s show are now up here…

Tickets for Sat 8th May and Sat 15th May still available here!


Festival Insanity: Feijoa Friends

April 20, 2010

Let’s face it, we go a little crazy around this time of year. But if you make replicas of your friends out of feijoas, you feel a little less alone in the world…


Japanese ‘We Are The World’

April 2, 2010

Best. Thing. Ever… via Joseph Harper


Japanese Bruce Willis

March 22, 2010

Sitcom Pitch #1

February 23, 2010

We’re back and in a big way – just like flat-tops, wayfarers and sexism! To celebrate the relaunch of our blog we thought we’d share with you (and any prospective TV producers who are obviously reading this) a small insight into how our creative genius manifests itself on paper with some of our most brilliant sitcom ideas. Enjoy!


TAGLINE: My mule married my cactus!

SYNOPSIS: Barney is a simple farmer from Colorado state who lives with his tolerant but sexually deprived wife, Madge. Due to Barney’s mother’s mercury exposure in the womb, Barney’s less than average IQ sees him developing a special affinity with his farmyard animals, until one day, Fauna takes fancy on Flora…


Madge: (in her nightie at the door calling outside to Barney) BAR-NEY! Stop spending so much time with the animals!

Barney: But they’re humping Madge!

Madge: Well get in here and hump me!

(quick zoom-in on Barney’s face) (SFX: “Boiiiing!”)

(cut to: Bedroom. Mule and Cactus lie back panting. Birds are circling their heads) (SFX: “tweet tweet tweet”)

Mule: (lighting a cigarette) Well I ain’t no camel, but I’ve sure had a few good humps tonight!

(closing theme music)

By Heidi O’Loughlin and Rose Matafeo